John Deere Pune Works PY0970-PY10962 9x3 SyncShuttle Transmission Component Technical Repair Manual CTM900419

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Download PDF John Deere Pune Works / 9x3 SyncShuttle Transmission Component Technical Manual CTM900419

Illustrated Factory Technical Manual for John Deere Tractors, Pune Works 9x3 SyncShuttle™ Transmission, Models PY0970, PY0321, PY0311, PY0110, PY0992, PY0735, PY0736, PY0323, PY10196, PY10960, PY10962

Covered models:
   5425OR, 5725OR
   5050E, 5055E, 5075E, 5090E
   5045E, 5058E, 5065E, 5067E, 5076E, 5082E
   5215, 5315, 5415, 5515, 5615, 5715
   5425, 5625, 5725
   5425HC, 5625HC, 5725HC
   5076EL, 5076EF
   5090EL, 5090EH,

Drive Trains
General Repair Information
Clutch Housing
Rear PTO Drive Shaft
Component Location
Theory of Operation
Diagnosis, Tests, and Adjustments

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